Money Orders

There are some instances when you need to make payments to someone. For instance, you may need to pay a security deposit to rent an apartment. Or you may need to send money in the mail through a safe, cash alternative.

At DNV, we can process your money order through a quick and easy process:

1. Visit our locations – We have seven locations in Fredericksburg and the Northern Virginia area.

2. Provide your info – We need your name and a valid form of identification.

3. Payment in Cash or PIN – Money orders require a cash equivalent form of payment.

We work with the leading money order provider to ensure that every transaction is safe and secure. Visit us today!


Nice place and kind people working there o love to go and do My western transactions

Guillermo Martinez

Great place to cash your check or refund. Me and my mom been coming to this place for over a year and we always work with Vanessa. And she always work with us no matter what. We really like this place. Totally recommend.