Money Transfer

Send money to your family anywhere in the world with DNV. Our money transfer service allows your loved ones to receive their funds in just minutes.

Doing a money transfer is a simple three-step process:

1. Visit one of our locations – We have ten locations in Fredericksburg and the Northern Virginia area.

2. Provide your info – We need your name and a valid form of identification. We also need your recipient’s name, location, and the amount you are sending them.

3. Payment in Cash – Our money transfer service is cash only. We then give you a confirmation code for you to send to the recipient. The recipient must use this code at a location near them to receive the funds.

Visit DNV today for all your money transfer needs.


Nice place and kind people working there o love to go and do My western transactions

Guillermo Martinez

Great place to cash your check or refund. Me and my mom been coming to this place for over a year and we always work with Vanessa. And she always work with us no matter what. We really like this place. Totally recommend.